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Enjoy the quality of coffee organically grown at a high altitude and know your purchase is environmentally friendly and directly touches the lives of hard working farmers and their families.   

Our vision

What People are Saying

 “I tried your Caribbean Mountain Coffee on holiday in Tortola and thought it was the best tasting coffee I’ve ever had in my life!   Regards, E Blanco" 

"I come originally from the Seattle, Washington area and we have some very excellent black gold there, but you have a converted fan in me."    J Brooks 

I’ve looked high and low, and can’t find anything that I enjoy as well as your whole bean dark roast. Thanks so much!"  M Heller

Great Coffee”     R Daffurn, Sonoma, CA 

"I tasted delicious Iced Coffee recently made with Caribbean Mountain Coffee at TedX Roadtown, BVI and I'm hooked!"  JS British Columbia, Canada

our coffee

Our Vision:

Promoting Caribbean Products - Helping Caribbean People


 Caribbean Mountain Coffee connects people to the Caribbean through our premium Organic coffee, which is ethically sourced and sustainable. We want to 'Wake up the World" (with consciousness more than caffeine) and tell people the story of the coffee farmers/ workers and the great disparity between the life conditions of the growers and those who consume the coffee they grow. 

 Caribbean Mountain Coffee is passionate about making a difference in the lives of the families who grow and harvest the coffee. 

Coffee is a huge industry


Coffee is a $100 billion per year industry. 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed daily, mostly in industrialized countries......

25 Million Coffee Farmers


.....while the farmers and coffee workers are often underpaid, live in poverty and even lack basic necessities such as an adequate supply of clean water.

Our Coffee

Organic - Shade Grown - Single Origin - 100% Arabica


 Caribbean Mountain Coffee comes from the highest mountain range in the Caribbean, where 100% Arabica beans are carefully grown in harmony with the environment.  Our coffees are Certified USDA Organic.

Promoting Caribbean Products...


  We pay above fair trade prices for the best coffee and purchase directly from the farming communities.  

...Helping Caribbean People


We are especially passionate about helping the farmers, workers and people in the coffee growing communties.

What makes Good Coffee?


A Good Bean

High quality coffee begins with selecting the right plantation. In the coffee world, Arabica is the bean of choice. It grows abundantly in the tropical conditions of the Caribbean, with the highest quality beans coming from the highest altitudes. Caribbean Mountain Coffee, 100% Arabica, is grown within the highest mountain range of the Caribbean, Hispaniola’s Cordillera Central.


Organic farming methods maintain and replenish soil fertility without the use of toxic and persistent pesticides and fertilizers. Our coffees are Certified Organic by USDA.


 Sustainable coffee is produced on a farm with biological diversity. It conserves resources, protects the environment, produces efficiently, competes commercially, and enhances the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole.

Shade Grown / Bird Friendly

 Coffee plants are grown around existing trees with no deforestation. This is good for the environment, watershed, and especially the birds, indigenous and migratory, who depend on the habitat for survival.

Fair Trade

When you drink coffee produced by small scale farmers or associations, you are not only choosing a high quality coffee grown with care and attention, you are also helping to improve the living conditions of the workers and their families. Our coffee is purchased at above fair trade prices through direct trade. Establishing a relationship with farmers is a win/win situation. Farmers provide higher quality beans and receive higher pay than selling on the market. They consider us a special and appreciative customer. They take care to see that they provide the best quality coffee.

The Roast

The art of roasting is responsible for realizing the full potential and maximum flavor of the high quality beans. Too little roasting fails to develop a full flavor, but over roasting results in a smoky, oily taste, where little of the inherent taste remains. Caribbean Mountain Coffee achieves the perfect balance for our special beans. The roasting process is overseen by an artisan roaster who determines by sight, smell and sound when the beans have reached their peak flavor. 

Can't decide? Try whole bean and's our 4 Combo Pack!

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More of What People are Saying:

“Ever since I discovered your Caribbean Mountain Coffee my whole family has become one great fan.  
A great big “thank you!’ for such a wonderful coffee that also contributes the livelihood of the Caribbean farmers in a sustainable way.
I have been taking your coffee as gifts to my family back in Japan, and they have also become your fans.  Good coffee is highly appreciated in Japan and they swear they’ve never tasted anything better than the “BVI Coffee”! 
Please keep your products coming!  We cannot live without it. Warm regards, M. Nishimizu ”

Giving back to the coffee growing communities.

We are excited to announce that a team will be spending time on the coffee farms and in the coffee growing communities, documenting the conditions and assessing what is needed most amongst the workers and in the communities.

 We will use the information we gather to create a CSR plan. 

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility 

Share our Vision

We appreciate the success we have worked hard for in the BVI and we appreciate those who have  watched us grow and have been there for us. We are eager to grow our business throughout the Caribbean, US and beyond. This will bring us to a new level and allow us to create jobs  locally and implement a strong CSR plan to help the impoverished Caribbean coffee growing communities. . We invite you to share our vision and we look forward to building relationships and partnerships with those who will walk with us into the future. 

Help Us Grow

We would love to have our coffee in your favorite store. If you are a coffee connoisseur who loves our coffee and our vision please drop us a line and let us know where you would like to buy Caribbean Mountain Coffee.

If you are a grocer or distributor, we would love to discuss a partnership where we can work together to bring great coffee to your customers while helping to improve the lives of Caribbean coffee farmers.

If you feel like you belong on our team or would like to partner with us in some way, we would love to hear from you...because...

Together We Can Make a Difference


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Together we are making a Difference

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